Saturday, November 13, 2010

My museum trip

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Week 1 over, still waiting for the result…..

No, i am not diagnosed with cancer, nor with tumor, but what is it, still unknown….
Friday the 13th, when my better half left me alone for a week,  i had no clue how to spend rest of my week at home. Oh yeah, i am a full time sit at home girl(there was a time i  drew a sound salary in IT industry), whose only whole-day companion is laptop(no kids, no pets) and who is scared of dark was destined to be alone for a week. Unfortunately we live on the outskirts where public transport is rarely available, and I had to part our Sonata too, seemed my hubby deserved to take it with him. Ok fine, take it, but what will i do at home, calls started pouring in, friends and relatives are  more concerned on how i’ll spend time. What the hell, i don’t need anybody’s help, i have enough food stuffed in my refrigerator. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and even Monday went by, praise the lord, but things ain’t as easy as i thought.  And the D day came…Got up Tuesday morning, and somehow i couldn’t stop myself from cleaning the mess my hubby had made in our walk-in closet and living room.
10 minutes might have passed by, i still can’t remember what the hell i did, and ouch, there was a severe pain on my lower back, around the hip, i could barely stand, I fell down. I sat for few minutes, tried to regain my energy and made an attempt to get up. I could still feel the pain but somehow dragged myself to my bed. FYI: I had similar pain in the past, and easily got rid off in few hrs. But things ain’t looking the same this time. I tried applying heat, gave a proper 2hr rest and then had to get up for the nature call.  Finished the job and before i could dress up, my legs started shivering, i could no longer stand and fell on the floor,I tried to sit up, no way, excruciating pain. Then i noticed that only my upper body was moving, i felt a numbness on my lower part. That was the first shock of the day. And finally it took me around 30 min to drag myself 8 feet to reach my bed. One thing i have to admit is i get tensed easily, especially when i don’t have any help around. Several thoughts ran by, my hubby was not reachable over phone during his class hours, then who else? i don’t have any driving friends nearby. 911 was my only option, but since my front door was locked and i stay in an apartment, i did not know how the hell they will reach me, will they break my door to get inside, then how will I pay back the compensation. Since am staying on the 2nd floor of a six-storied building, there is no way rescuers can break in through the roof.
I thought and thought and thought, and finally i told two of my friends. In short, i somehow reached an urgent care nearby and got an x-ray taken. Doc assured me that my spine is intact, no problem with the disc and it can be a case of pelvic bone displacement. That was another heartbreak of the day. I could hardly walk with help. Doc said he had a similar experience and referred me to a chiropractor. I took complete rest for 2 days and booked an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. I had a tingling sensation near hip and a line of pain radiating towards my right leg. Felt like a virus who really hates me is inside my body and prickling with a needle. Though pain was little annoying, i got adjusted in 2 days.
Things went perfectly smooth and my hubby came back after his assignment. As expected he did not even bother to cook for me. To tell you the truth, he is one of the greatest iron chefs i personally know. While i cook, he smells food and tells me the spices missing. During his bachelorhood he came up with some unique dishes on his own, that he became famous among his colleagues and friends. But he has never ever cooked something for me. Anyway, we both went on a special ‘diet’. On Monday night pain came back from nowhere, a 1000 needle prickling through out my legs and hip. Surprisingly, right after a week of my accident, another Tuesday morning I woke up with severe pain. With much pain, i traveled in car to the orthopedic center.
I was shivering when i reached the reception. I was crying out of pain. My second doc seemed to be in a hurry to consult me. He asked me to do some exercises and made me lay on my stomach. He pressed my lower back and butt and stepped out of the room. I had no clue on whats happening. He came back and showed me a model of lumbar spine and said “i suspect this might be a case of herniated disc”. I felt dizzy, ears were shut for few minutes. I never ever thought that doc will complain about my disc. He asked me to take an MRI. I suddenly woke up and told doc that i have few questions, luckily i had written everything on a notepad. Doc teased me saying all software engineers will have lots of doubts. He showed the least interest, but i went ahead and asked about the dizziness. He said it has nothing to do with herniated disc, and mocked that i shivered because of the a/c in the clinic. He refused to comment on other questions and said he wants to see the MRI report. He also added that he will be going on a 2 week vacation and will be back only on the labor day weekend.
On my way back home, my hubby was scaring me that doc will operate and either shave off my disc since its jamming my nerves or he will remove the disc. His mom had a similar experience. I was totally shattered. I am only in my late 20s and since 1 week i am on 90% bed rest. I cannot move around, cook for my hubby and myself, clean house, walk out….nothing, seriously nothing…I am almost out of food and house is a real mess. I am now recovering from my depression. Thank god atleast i don’t have tumor or cancer or any other high end fever. I am going through a testing period and am thanking god for giving me these hardships as i am getting more closer to Him.
I am now waiting for the MRI to be done. I am claustrophobic and am really scared to undergo MRI. Hopefully everything turns out good, fingers crossed.